Pursue your passion and anything is possible
Pursue your passion and anything is possible

Blockchain and AI is what we do, it's our passion.

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Building solutions that matter



We provide training, consulting, and smart contract development on various blockchains. We will also help you with token creation, and blockchain capital

Strategy and Architecture


The right strategy unleashes business value from innovative technologies. That's why we start with the business strategy. Ledgly helps you achieve competitive advantage.



Research and development in emerging technologies, and provide you with the technical skills to implement and develop your PoC and enterprise applications.

Innovation labs

Innovation labs

Our lab is a hub for creative thinkers where concepts are tested, and new strategies developed. In the lab, there are no concepts too big or crazy - this is where it all begins.

We know design.

We are a blockchain/AI consulting and development firm that believes passionately in the notion that if you are going to do something, do it well.
That is why we focus on building solutions that matters. Through our design-thinking sessions, we will work with your team to uncover business opportunities, and help you define a strategy and execution plan to turn those opportunities into business reality.

  Lab work

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Design sessions

Lab work

What we're working on

P2P insurance

We are working on a p2p decentralize insurance platform that will allow groups of interested parties to create shared commons for the purpose of pooling resources to mitigate specific risks. The platform is based on Ethereum blockchain - smart contracts and AI are leveraged to manage the onboarding, and adjudication process. At core, the platform will allow users to reduce premiums, and receive rebates when no claims are made. Stay tuned.

Crypto-price discovery

There's been an incredible growth in the crypto-currency space with many new exchanges and each exchange acting as their own pricing sources. This has lead to opportunities to price arbitrage across the eco-system. We are addressing this gap by building a business solution that leverages robotics processing automation, AI, and exposed API's to automate portfolio trading based on favorable price arbitrage opportunities across various exchanges.


Our Leadership


Leithland Thomas


Leithland has worn many hats through-out his 20 year career, from Equity trader to technology SVP. He believes that when passion and creativity are brought together, wonderful things happen. He believes in the power of open sources, and helping clients to leverage new techniques to solve their most intractable problems.


Marthy Raci


Marthy has been a massive proponent of the open source and blockchain eco-system. As an early entrant to crypto-currency, she does not lose the opportunity to educate client, staff, and strangers about blockchain. In her role, she advocates for our clients to make sure that their needs are being met and that there is alignment to the solutions.


Peter Chow

Chief Risk Officer

Peter is an innovative IT Leader who has lead major organizations such as RBC, TD, Citigroup, Deloitte, and many others navigate complex technology evolution, through rapidly changing markets and high risk environments. Peter delivers insightful and innovative solutions that improve outcomes, business process, productivity, and profitability.


Kariff Rhooms

Chief of Staff

Kariff has a diverse commercialization and operations background, with over 15 years experience working across a myriad of industries for Fortune 100 companies. He has led digital transformations and enjoys the process of disruption. He believes that people possess the potential to pursue profound progress with the proper prodding.

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